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It is our mission to give educators full control over their RTI process and assessment data.
Every tool and feature is highly customizable to fit the unique needs of each school.

We also specialize in building custom tools to help schools in any way we can.
If you can dream it, we can build it.

We are more than a product vendor. 
We are a partner.

Whether you are just getting started with RTI, already a seasoned veteran looking
to take your RTI process to the next level, or looking to consolidate all your data
from several different assessments into one location, please contact us today.

We want to help bring your vision to life.

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RTI Scheduler

Create flexible schedules for intervention, enrichment, and extension in minutes.

Have it your way by customizing the RTI process to fit the unique needs of your school and team.

Motivate students by giving them an active role in the scheduling process.

Monitor the full RTI process from start to finish using our admin tools and reports. 

Data Warehouse

Integrate assessment data from a growing list of sources including local formative assessments, STAR, NWEA, ACT Aspire, and more.

Save countless hours by viewing all of a student’s data side by side in one location.

Group students more effectively for RTI by using assessment data to identify skill deficiencies for the individual and group.

We can integrate any and all assessment data. If you have the data, we would love to integrate it for you.

Community Service Learning
Community Service Learning

Streamline the reporting, verification, approval, and documentation of volunteer student hours in accordance with the Community Service Learning directive for secondary schools in the state of Arkansas.

Easily include your local organizations, businesses, and individuals in the process as community service providers. Each provider can efficiently manage their volunteers and hours in just a few minutes each week. 

Monitor the entire Community Service Learning process from start to finish using our admin tools and reports. 


Handle discipline from start to finish in a fraction of the time.

Do away with the old triplicates, forms, and spreadsheets. 

Let our automation engine ensure proper documentation and timely communication between admin and staff.

Customize each layer of the discipline process to fit the unique needs of your school and team.



RTI Scheduler Features

RTI Scheduler - Flexible Scheduling


Stop spending valuable time fighting the logistics of rapid, flexible scheduling.

Let our tools help you:

  1. Easily schedule intervention and enrichment sessions for students.
  2. Customize sessions to change daily or to extend a full week.
  3. Restrict sessions by tier, grade, course, or class.
RTI Schedule - Full Customization


Do not settle for a one size fits all product.

With over 100 customizations including branding, terminology, calendars, seat capacity, priorities, and automated tasks, we truly give you the power to HAVE IT YOUR WAY!

And, don’t worry. If you want to move in a new direction mid-year, no problem. These settings can be changed on a week to week basis.

    RTI Scheduler - Student Engagement


    Motivate students by giving them an active role in the RTI scheduling.

    Students can self enroll for sessions with open seats.

    Staff controls which sessions allow student self enrollment.

    Rewarding students with enrichment activities has proven to raise overall morale for not only the RTI process but also for school in general!

      RTI Scheduler - Monitoring and Reporting


      Easily take attendance.

      Quickly locate students and staff.

      Monitor and evaluate student and staff participation and engagement.

      Evaluate how often each essential skill or learning target is being addressed.

      Documentation is generated automatically.

        RTI Scheduler - Notifications and Automation


        Receive email and/or text notifications for important deadlines and other time sensitive information.

        Easily schedule automated tasks and reports to save valuable time on repeated actions.

        Spend less time on logistics and more time improving the RTI process and the overall performance for each and every student.

          Data Security

          Your data is secure with us.

          All our sites and services are protected by SSL and TLS encryption protocols.
          Data security is our top priority.

          Google Integration

          No passwords or accounts to manage.

          Our integration with Google Workspace is automatic and seamless.
          We only request and access the minimum amount of user data required.

          SIS Integration

          No student rosters to manage.

          Student rosters and schedules sync automatically with your local SIS system.

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